"Harold" our Veteran

Harold Quick 94, and still going, World War II, Navy, Gunner

On a personal note...

"Nice years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Harold at a store as I was  buying a birthday present for a young girl who had just lost her mother to an tragic overdose. While in line with balloons in hand, Harold inquired whose ballons these were for. I explained the situation and he proceeded to give me $20 to put it into the card with the instructions  " love from an old Veteran". Well... Harold and I sprung a great friendship over the next few years and many things changed for him, both on the inside and the out. Harold was getting older and living on his own and  daily chores were becomming difficult. I contacted Veterans Affairs on his behalf and they lead me through the process of applying for assistance. Harold was a gunner and consequently his hearing was failing. Harold was reimbursed for lost time, received a lovely set of hearing aids, a new set of teeth and wonderful medical care. He is now thriving in a high quality retiremtent home enjoying his surrounding, and a few veterans, and playing his hymns on the keyboard for all the residents delight. Thank you Veterans Affairs for all our help.   Much Appreciated !!"